Best Keep2Share Resellers - Top 6 Reliable K2S Resellers in 2023

Best Keep2Share Resellers – Top 6 Reliable K2S Resellers

How to Find a Legit Keep2Share Reseller

Get 50 GB of traffic for secure downloading/saving files with a premium Keep2Share account. You can get it for free.

Use this promo code and get 400 days for free. If it has expired or you want to renew your account status, keep reading. This page will reveal the six biggest Keep2Share resellers and explain how to buy a subscription with their codes. Let’s start!

Top 6 Official Keep2Share Resellers

K2S resellers are online vendors that sell the K2S premium access. Resellers are diverse. They sell the subscription for different prices and under various conditions (payment methods, security, etc.). 

These vendors might even cover specific regions. For instance, is a K2S reseller for Japan, which is quite rare. But generally, you can purchase your premium code regardless of your region. Following vendors allow it.


Among its 60+ products, Premiumkey also sells a Keep2Share premium sharing account. It’s easy and quick to get. The site accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, and crypto coins. 

To buy from Premiumkey Keep2Share reseller, follow these steps:

1. Scroll down from the main page and click “Show More;”

2. Manually find or search for the Keep2Share;

3. Select your premium package plan;

4. Click “Buy Now” and fill out the purchase details;

5. Confirm the payment.

    Once done, the Premiumkey needs time to process a purchase. As it’s regularly quite loaded, it might take a while. However, the maximum period you’ll have to wait is 24 hours.


    If you want a breakneck delivery speed, Premiuminsatnt is the best Keep2Share reseller for you. As its customers claim, delivery time doesn’t exceed 30 minutes. Here’s how to make a purchase:

    1. When on the main page, find and click the Keep2Share in the “Our Products” tab;

    2. Select between 3 available premium packages and click “Buy now;”

    3. Fill out the purchase details and confirm.

    As with all Keep2Share premium resellers from this list, Premiuminstant will deliver a code to your email.


    With 256 SSL encryption, Resellervoucher positions itself as the safe Keep2Share reseller. Plus, the service is easily accessed from any device. When you do, here’s how you’ll purchase the premium:

    1. Scroll the main page down to the “Filehosting BEST SELLER” tab and pick Keep2Share

    2. Choose between K2S premium for 30 and 90 days (if they’re marked “In stock”) and press “Add to cart;”

    3. Enter your email and proceed to checkout;

    4. Fill out the payment details and confirm a transaction.

    Soon, the reseller code will arrive. In case of any inconvenience, Resellervoucher offers protection in the form of responsive support and a money-back guarantee. 

    Keep2Share Premium

    The original Keep2Share reseller is the service itself. It provides clients much information about the storage scale, data backup guarantees, and privacy settings. When finished, purchase through these steps:

    1. Click the orange-highlighted “Premium” button;

    2. Pick your premium type and press “Buy;”

    3. Log into your profile/create it;

    4. Fill out the payment info and confirm it.

    Keep2Share reseller

    At the official K2S site, you don’t need to wait for delivery. Your account will instantly update its status, and you can start using its full services.


    Many don’t want to deal with overwhelming interfaces and bursts of irrelevant information when buying K2S premium. 24INSTANT and its minimalistic design benefit these users. To buy from this Keep2Share reseller, you have:

    1. Pick the Keep2Share among categories in the left section of the site;

    2. Select between premium account types, and if it’s in stock, press “Add to cart;”

    3. Hover the mouse over the cart at the upper right and click “Check out;”

    4. Create an account, select a delivery and payment method;

    5. Indicate the payment details and confirm a transaction.

    Unlike other Keep2Share resellers from this list, a service doesn’t only send your product via email. It will also be in your 24INSTANT account after the payment.


    And the final of the best Keep2Share resellers is the Digitalkeys. It’s a good, well-rounded option with slightly reduced code prices. To get them, do this:

    1. Hover your mouse over the “Access to services” button and pick Keep2Share;

    2. Choose among 3 available premium types and press “Buy;”

    3. Select a payment method, create an account, and indicate transaction info;

    4. Confirm a payment.

    Digitalkeys is pretty reliable. It will deliver you a premium key soon, and if you’ve changed your mind, you can get a refund.

    How To Buy a Premium Subscription From a Reseller

    You’ve already learned how to buy from each Keep2Share premium reseller. But it’s not the entire process. There are also a few things for you to tweak in your K2S account. Let’s see.

    Create an Account at Keep2Share

    First, you have to visit and click “Register.” You have 2 options:

    • Sign up with Google;
    • Create an account with your email and password.

    Before completing one of these, don’t forget to read the Terms of Service and agree to them. Don’t skip it!

    Activate a Special Promo Code

    Now, you should log into your new account and do something to get more value out of the premium. Go to your profile and activate this special code. It will boost your K2S premium account purchases, giving them 10% extra value. For instance, 400 days instead of 365 for the same price.

    Pay for a Premium Subscription

    Pick one of the vendors from the Keep2Share reseller list and purchase a premium, as we taught you. This requires you to prepare your payment tool and sometimes register. Then, wait for the code delivery.

    Enter the Reseller Key Into the Form

    Once you get the code from the Keep2Share reseller, go to your K2S profile and proceed to the code activation page. That’s where you insert the code. When done, you’ll receive a promised premium time enhanced by 10%. 

    Download and Upload Files with the K2S Premium Account

    Congrats! Now, use the K2S cloud to its maximum. Host an infinite number of files, download and upload for 50 GB daily, and enjoy a lightning-fast 1 Gbps speed with Keep2Share Downloader.

    An important note. Keep2Share reseller might charge more cash off you. It’s not necessarily a deception. The fees might grow randomly due to changing exchange rates.

    If it has happened to you, inform Keep2Share support. As K2S cares about you, it will surely compensate for this disappointment with a bonus.

    Get a Keep2Share Premium Account for Free

    As you can see, purchasing K2S premium doesn’t boil down to a single option. There are a ton of unique resellers. Pick your Keep2Share reseller now and get the fastest file-hosting service according to our guide.

    Or just get all that for free. Use this promo code while it’s still available and receive all the premium features for 400 days without spending a penny! Hurry, the offer will disappear 365 days after this post.