Keep2Share Downloader - 3 Ways to Download with Keep2Share

Keep2Share Downloader – 3 Ways to Download with Keep2Share

Keep2Share downloader is the fastest hosting service with a 1Gbps speed. You can get it free. Read this to find a Keep2Share invite code.

Keep2Share – Best File Hosting and Sharing Service

No more struggles with Keep2Share file hosting. Keep2Share download is an easy-to-use share tool with up to 1Gbps speed. Read on to learn how to use it.

But before you do, you should know that Keep2Share is not just for sharing. You can also use it to store files. And that’s not necessarily paid. This transfer service has a free trial account capable of doing the same.

Still, if you want maximum speed, privacy, and the ability to upload files up to 10 GB, you have to use Keep2Share download premium. It costs around $12.5 a month, but you have an exclusive opportunity to access the premium functions for free for 400 days! Just apply this promo code within 365 days from publication of this article, and you are in. That’s a product worth $92.5 for free!

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Download and Upload Files with Keep2Share

Keep2Share downloader is not the only option for sharing files. The internet is brimming with those. Students, office workers, and content creators choose from these three popular options:

Let’s break down all of them, starting with the fan favorite – Keep2Share download.

Keep2Share Downloader

Do you know that Keep2Share download is the only hosting service with a 1Gbps speed? That’s 10GB faster than 100 seconds! To enable this speed, you must use a special matching Keep2Share file downloader and Keep2Share Official API documentation:

  • Keep2Share video downloader to get footage and convert it into MP3 (128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps) or MP4 (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD, full HD, 4K, 8K) formats.
  • Music downloader to download any sounds and tracks from the web. It can also convert sound files into smaller sizes, saving your gadget’s memory space.

Whichever of these you use, the experience is straightforward. You open your file downloader of Keep2Share and surf it looking for desired videos or tracks. Then, just download the desired ones.

Alternatively, K2S lets customers download specific files using their links. You can find these online. Just paste a link in the special field, and the app will prompt a file you’re trying to get.

Another way to do it is via the Keep2Share link downloader. It’s a website, so you don’t have to download it as an app. Paste a link and download it from your browser.

The initial 1Gbps downloader is not free. But when using a Keep2Share premium downloader, you don’t have to pay. And that’s not all it gives – to share all the benefits of the premium plan, we need a separate paragraph.

Key Features of Premium Keep2Share Downloader

Keep2Share downloader in premium is better in all aspects. First, it lets you download more files daily at supreme speed. This is essential if you’re working with video and sounds (for instance, editing).

Moreover, Keep2Share keeps your software safe. It checks all the files you download for viruses and tells if they are secure. You’ll never experience data loss with the Keep2Share premium downloader.Finally, Keep2Share premium gives you more storage space. So, if your gadget lacks inner memory space for file management, just upload them into the Keep2Share. They’ll hang in the cloud with a 100% guarantee of their safety.

How to Use Keep2Share Downloader

Users of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux are eligible for premium and free Keep2Share downloaders. To get them, visit GitHub. Look for the k2s-downloader there. Once found, press the green “Code” button and proceed to “Download ZIP.” This will launch a download.

The file is small, so that it will be on in seconds. Find it, extract files from the archive, and click install. This will take a minute, and the Keep2Share free downloader is ready to rumble.

There is also a version for more experienced users, allowing you to run the Keep2Share download via the command line interface. If you’re familiar with it, you’ll easily find it online.


As an alternative to Keep2Share download, some use JDownloaders. It is a free, open-source downloader working on Windows, Linux, macOS, and other devices. JDownloader has many valuable features:

  • Stop and start any downloads at any time;
  • Set a bandwidth limitations;
  • Auto-extract archives;
  • Remote mobile app to control your desktop downloads, etc.

What’s more, the service has recently launched a JDownloader 2! This novelty has drastically improved the app’s performance and its interface. Now it works and looks fantastic.

JDownloader is easy to get. Just open its official website and proceed to the “Download” section. Now, pick your OS and click a hyperlink.

Keep2Share Direct Download Option

We’ve already touched on the direct download option previously describing features of Keep2Share download. Let’s expand the topic.

Option for direct downloading can be used without even an app or the Keep2Share website. It requires you to:

1. Log in as a premium Keep2Share downloader at;

2. Open your profile;

3. Tick the box near the “Enable Direct Download” option.

The direct download option is a tool of convenience. When using it, you don’t have to open the Keep2Share link downloader to get a file. You save a lot of time.

But remember an important thing. Once you’ve enabled a direct download, you can no longer view videos online at K2S. If that’s important, you better consider the Keep2Share video downloader.

Get a Keep2Share Premium Account for Free

That’s how you download and share almost any file online. Keep2Share download, JDownloader, and direct link make it possible and easy. 

Which one to pick? Depends on your needs. But if the Keep2Share premium downloader invite code is still active (400 days for free), you better not sleep on it. Use it. It will give you the fastest 1 Gbps speed and plenty of files to share and get with Keep2Share downloader.